A revised model of the pocket-type thickness gauge combining usability and convenience with new functional capabilities.

The thickness gauge is enclosed into a one-piece case with a removable tip having a built-in changeable wearproof single crystal transducer with operating frequency of 4 MHz. Small diameter of the working surface of the transducer allows testing of corroded surfaces objects with the minimum radius of curvature from 10 mm.

Hot-pluggable built-in transducer can be easily replaced by the user by means of unscrewing the tip and detaching the transducer capsule from the instrument without extra tools.

A1207 Pengauge

Frost-proof ultrasonic thickness gauge for difficult weather conditions (from -30˚ to +50 ˚С). The range of thickness measurement on steel is from 0,7 to 300 mm. Work with both single-crystal and double-crystal transducers.

The single-crystal wear-resistant transducer S3567 2.5A0D10CL is used to measure thickness of metals, cast iron and other materials with high ultrasound attenuation.


Universal ultrasonic thickness gauge with large high contrast display, integrated extra functions and various modes of measuring, possibility to work with all double-crystal transducers at the range from 4 to 10 MHz and built in memory – everything to guarantee comfort work at any object of inspection.

The patented algorithm of automatic adaptation to the surface curvature and roughness (dynamical threshold) makes it possible to perform measuring at corroded surfaces with small radius of curvature as well as at flat smooth surfaces without any additional adjustments, which makes the process of inspection much easier and faster.


The thickness gauge can operate at the mode of displaying results as digital data or at the mode with graphic imaging of the signal A-Scan.

The A-Scan feature rules out false results considerably increasing the inspection reliability. It makes possible to perform express search of foreign inclusions and laminations and to get accurate results of measuring through polymeric (polyethylene), varnish and paint and other types of insulating coating.


A modernized EMA thickness gauge with an innovative electro – magnetic biasing technology implemented in EMA transducers is designed to measure thickness of objects made of steel and aluminum alloys without the use of coupling liquid.

A1270 EMA

Metal Testing - Flaw Detectors

Tiny, handheld full-function ultrasonic flaw detector.

Thanks to its extraordinarily small size and light weight this flaw detector can be used in cramped and hard conditions. It is very convenient for business trips.

It is the lightest flaw detector – only 230 g with the battery.

A1211 Mini

A1214 EXPERT flaw detector offers a range of unique features thanks to entirely digital paths:
The signal can be represented in undetected form – RF type signals (radio signal) in real time, making it possible to examine signal phases in details, to perform testing with a lot of structural noises and to distinguish signals from nearby reflectors.

Quick access to control functions.
At any operation mode the lower part of the screen features an icon menu to access set up and functions quickly.

A1214 expert

The universal portable ultrasonic flaw detector-tomograph with DFA (Digitally Focused Array) visualize the internal structure of the object as real-time section imaging (B-Scan) making the results interpretation much easier than with a traditional flaw detector.

The tomograph uses various types of antenna arrays comparable by size with traditional transducers. Thanks to our special control algorithm the antenna array (AA) substitutes a whole kit of standard transducers traditionally used for testing.

A1550 instrovisor

Portable small-size general-purpose ultrasonic flaw detectors. They realize standard and special-purpose methods of ultrasonic inspection providing high efficiency and accuracy of measurements.

All features of an up-to-date flaw detector in a compact case. Ideal for work at hard-to-reach places. Can be used in cramped and hard conditions thanks to light weight and small size. Handy for travelling.

Ergonomic case of shockproof plastic – the device can be held with one hand. Large high-contrast color display with high resolution (640*480 pixels) enables you to work for a long time without straining your eyes.

A1212 master

A1525 solo

The most compact and affordable TMF unit with two phased array transducers and 3D visualization and analysis software in standard delivery set.

Concrete Testing 

A compact, ergonomic and handheld ultrasonic pulse velocity tester for concrete inspection.

The device is made of light-weight shockproof plastic and has two built-in transducers with dry-point-contact with fixed base (150 mm). Wear resistant tips of the transducers are insensitive to the surface condition. Hence, there is no need to apply coupling gel or to prepare the surface for measuring.

uk1401 surfer

A compact handheld ultrasonic pulse velocity and pulse echo tester is designed for ultrasonic thickness measurements and flaw detection of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions and rocks.

The flaw detector represents an compact electronic unit is equipped with a large high-contrast TFT display and a keyboard.

Despite multifunctionality the instrument is easу to use due to its intuitive interface and icons menu providing quick access to main settings and functions of the instrument.

A1220 monolith

A portable handheld ultrasonic tomograph is designed for imaging of the internal structure of concrete at one-sided access

The tomograph represents fully-autonomous measurement unit for collection and tomographic processing of the data obtained. Measurement unit contains a matrix antenna array from 48 (12 blocks, each containing 4 elements) law-frequency broad banded transducers of shear waves with dry-point-contact and ceramic wear resistant tips. Hence they can work with rough surfaces for the long time. Each transducer is equipped with an independent spring suspension, thus allowing inspection on the uneven surfaces. Nominal frequency of the array is 50 kHz.

A1040 mira

The world-first ultrasonic pulse velocity testing instrument for couplant-free on-site quality assessment of concrete structures with up to 2 meters thru-transmission capability.

A1525 solo


Real-time B-scan image
• New generation of wear-proof DPC transducers
• Outstanding near-field resolution
• Optional Full-3D acquisition mode

Visualization by INTROVIEW®
• Integral assessment by 3D imaging
• Novel crack sizing functionality

A1020 Miralite

Scanning Systems

The A2051 ScaUT system consists of two multi-element antenna arrays to transmit and receive the ultrasonic waves, and a Digital Focusing Aperture (DFA) algorithm designed to maximize the ultrasonic sensitivity of the system to identify flaws, classify flaw types and to determine the equivalent cross-sectional area and complete inspection of the weld bead.

Provides constant acoustic contact with a low-flow rate capable of inspecting no less than ten lineal meters of weld with a single tank of coupling material. The constant flow of coupling material is provided through the built-in injectors in the antenna array.

The laser-optic channel continuously measures the position of the antenna arrays relative to the axis of the weld.

Noncontact ultrasonic scanner-flaw detector А2075 SoNet is applicable for automatic flaws search in the metal pipe’s walls of 1020 ÷ 1420 mm in diameter and with thickness starting from 6mm.

Operating principle of the scanner- flaw detector is a wave guided pulse echo inspection technique excitation (sending) and receiving of ultrasonic waves in a pipe’s body is made without a contact (without using a couplant) with a help of electro-magnetic acoustic (EMA) transducers.

Detection of a stress-corrosion and corrosion flaws in the pipe’s body. Detection of flaws in flats (sheet products) with indication of flaw’s quantity, relative dimensions and locations (coordinates).

The scanner can be inserted through the available manhole hatches, spark plug lines starting from DN 300 mm, access holes 320х240 mm.

In-line inspection of pipelines is provided without additional clean-up operations, at that the scanner moves in a path along the pipe passing-by the contaminated areas.

Inspection of base metal and welded joints of the pipeline elements using a television-optical system (visual and dimensional inspection) and antenna arrays with acoustic transducers with dry point contact (guided wave ultrasonic inspection, shear horizontal wave; SH wave).



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INSPEX II is an integrated digital microscope system for inspection and basic measurement, ideal for production and quality control environments. 

A2072 Introscan


In-line inspection of pipelines is provided without additional clean-up operations, at that the scanner moves in a path along the pipe passing-by the contaminated areas.

A1525 Solo


The most compact and affordable TMF unit with two phased array transducers and 3D visualization and analysis software in standard delivery set.

Sciaps Z200C+ Pemium


The world’s only handheld analyzer that delivers carbon content in stainless, steels and cast irons