The Ion is comfortable to hold and highly intuitive to use as the product has been designed to replicate the look and feel of an optical magnifier. The Ion’s display delivers an unrivalled sharp, bright and high contrast image. Integrated LED lighting and ergonomic design allow Ion to be used in awkward low light areas. Its unique patent applied for dimensioning grids and cursors enhance the capability and efficiency of decision making for inspection operators and technicians.

OMNI 3 Incorporates The AshCam+™ Zoom Lens Module With A Host Of New Benefits For Smart Inspection And Measurement.

  • Inspex 3 is a powerful, flexible and intuitive HD digital microscope designed around our new 30X HD Camera module.

  • This zoom camera module was designed by ASH to meet the industrial inspection needs of our customers. Inspex 3 is ideal for industries such as medical device, pharma, precision engineering and electronics.

  • ASH has incorporated unique patented high-speed image processing algorithms that deliver exceptional image quality, super-fast focus speed, and smooth digital zoom that makes inspection simpler, ergonomic and efficient.

  • The benefits of the Inspex 3 system are clear to see.

The Omni digital microscope has been engineered from the inside out to deliver one of the most advanced and intuitive digital microscope experiences ever. We carefully studied how people use digital microscopes and listened to their feedback. This has led to multiple innovations including:

  • Powerful embedded digital microscope software which can process complex imaging tasks without a PC.

  • This software can be upgraded and expanded to increase functionality.

  • Intuitive software interface allows anyone to quickly inspect and perform patented measurement.

  • Omni hardware is custom designed to deliver maximum power in the smallest possible form factor.

INSPEX II is an integrated digital microscope system for inspection and basic measurement, ideal for production and quality control environments. It offers fast live image display in Full HD (1080p) resolution with  60fps. Intuitive software interface simplifies operation and control of the system. Image enhancement functions and contrast ensure optimal image results. Easy to use illumination optimization features make controlling the integrated segmented LED ring light effortless.

Quantum is a fully integrated, easy to use, reliable and efficient 2D video measurement system with no requirement for a PC. Advanced digital image processing technology and unprecedented Multiple FOV ranges reduces measurement time and eliminates operator variances.

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A1525 Solo


The most compact and affordable TMF unit with two phased array transducers and 3D visualization and analysis software in standard delivery set.



IWiiPA is Tecnatom’s inspection platform that tracks. The probe position in real time using infra-red cameras 


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Sciaps X-550 Pemium


TThe SciAps X-550 sets a new performance standard for handheld XRF. Weighing 2.8 lbs. (1.3 kg) with the battery, it’s the lightest, fastest, most articulate X-ray gun ever made.

A2072 Introscan


In-line inspection of pipelines is provided without additional clean-up operations, at that the scanner moves in a path along the pipe passing-by the contaminated areas.