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Portable Applications (In-Service)

Innerspec Technologies In-Service Solutions provide standard and customized equipment for complete applications that require specific instrumentation. The list below covers the most common applications.

MRUT (Medium Range UT)

MRUT (Medium Range UT) describes a suite of techniques that permit covering an area between approximately 25mm to 3000mm from the location where the inspection is performed. MRUT uses guided wave and/or bulk wave techniques and complements LRUT (Long Range UT) by covering the near field area where LRUT cannot be used.

MRUT techniques are mainly designed for fast scanning and detection (qualitative assessment), although in some circumstances they can provide relatively accurate measurements (quantitative assessment).

Innerspec’s MRUT techniques are all based on EMA


LRUT (Long Range UT)

The MRUT and LRUT techniques are complimentary to each other. MRUT provides an inspection range of around 3m with better accuracy and resolution (due to its higher frequency), and LRUT provides the remaining inspection range of up to 100m for a faster screening of large distances of pipes.

In addition to the unique ability to perform MRUT and LRUT inspection in a single instrument (VOLTA).


Boiler Inspection

The TEMATE TG-IS(B) is designed for detecting and measuring wall loss, Hydrogen Corrosion Cracking (HCC), and caustic gauging in boiler tubes. 


Thickness Measurement

Innerspec’s patented EMAT pulser technology and custom sensors permit using EMAT, DCUT, and conventional transducers from any manufacturer. EMAT sensors from Innerspec permit thickness measurement and normal beam (0⁰) flaw detection on most metallic components without contact or couplant at extreme temperatures (from -30⁰C to 650⁰C) and of rough, dirty, oxidized, and coated surfaces. DCUT sensors from Innerspec provide no-couplant measurement on both metallic and non-metallic components.

Download our Portable Solutions Brochure here

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